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Here's my playlist... well, until I download even more songs!! My favorite songs are marked with a * and have a little description of why they rock so much.

Fiona Apple- Never is a Promise
*Fiona Apple- Shadowboxer Just a totally awesomely beautiful song!
Avenue Q- Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
Avenue Q- If You Were Gay
Avenue Q- I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today
*Avenue Q- Schadenfreude I love this song! 100% hillarious... and true!
Avenue Q- The Internet is for Porn
Avenue Q- You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Making Love)
*The Beatles- She's Leaving Home Gorgeous melody... and the words. WOW!
Beauty and the Beast- Be Our Guest
Toni Braxton- You're Making Me High
*Laurie Berkner- The Cat Came Back My favorite kids sing of all time!
Terri Clark- Girls Lie Too
*Imani Coppola- Legend of a Cowgirl This is my theme song. LOL
*Degrassi- Theme Song Whatever it Takes (Long Version) The words to this are killer.
Degrassi TNG Season 4 Theme Song
Degrassi Jr. High Theme Song
Downtown Sasquatch- Devil in the Moon (Degrassi)
*Downtown Sasquatch- Dust (Degrassi) This song is awesome... short... but way cool.
Downtown Sasquatch- I Can't Keep My Hands Off of You (Degrassi)
Jake Epstein (Craig)- I'm in Love (Degrassi)
Forbidden- Twisted into Form
Forbidden Broadway- Don't Cry For Me Barbara Streisand
Forbidden Broadway- Hey, Bob Fosse!
Forbidden Broadway- It Sucks to be Us!
Lita Ford- Kiss Me Deadly
Giordiano- Caro mio Ben (from the Amadeus Soundtrack)
Aubrey Graham & Shane Kippel (Jimmy & Spinner)- The Sexist Rap (Degrassi)
Gypsy- Let Me Entertain You
Hell Hath No Fury- Mr. Nice Guy (Degrassi)
Jamiroquai- Canned Heat
Jem Finally Woken
Jem- Just a Ride
Jem- Save Me
*Jem- They These are the coolest lyrics ever, and the parts where the kids sing is so cool. I love this song.
Judas Priest- Dreamer Deceiver
Judas Priest- Victim of Changes
*Jump 'N The Saddle- The Curly Shuffle The coolest song about the Three Stooges I've ever heard... okay, well, the only one... but it rocks!!!
Alexz Johnson- 24 Hours
Kermit the Frog- The Rainbow Connection
Lindy- Beautifully Undone
Martina McBride- Reluctant Daughter
Meat Puppets- Some Things Will Never Change
*Melissa McClelland- Rooftoop The first time I heard this song the chorus stuck in my head for days, and I had find this song. It is haunting and beautiful.
Reba McEntire- The Greatest Man I Never Knew
Melissa McIntyre- How can I Be Original (Degrassi)
Melissa McIntyre & Jake Epstein (Ashley & Craig)-Baby I'll Spend Christmas With You (Degrassi)
*Maria Mena- You're the Only One "Well I saw you with your hands above your head spinning around, trying not to look down, but you did and you fell hard, on the ground!"
Idina Menzel- All of the Above
Idina Menzel- Follow if you Lead
Idina Menzel- Heart on My Sleeve
*Idina Menzel- Larissa's Lagoon I just love this song.
Idina Menzel- Minuet
Idina Menzel- My Strongest Suit (from Aida- LIVE!!)
Idina Menzel- Think Too Much
The Muppets- Manah Manah
The Muppets- The Muppet Show Theme Song
The Muppets- Put Da Lime in De Coconut
The Muppets- The Swedish Chef Song
Oliver and Company- Once Upon a Time in New York City
*Oliver and Company (Bette Midler)- Perfect Isn't Easy The Divine Miss M + Disney... what more can be said?
PMS- Poor Thing (Degrassi)
PMS- How Can I B Remix (Degrassi)
Rascal Flatts- The Broken Road
*Rascal Flatts- Skin I love songs that tell a story... and this one tells a really good story. I love this song.
*Sawyer Brown- This Thing Called Wanting and Having it All This song rocks... another story song.
Sesame Street Theme Song
Snow White- Someday My Prince Will Come
Snow White- Whistle While You Work
Some Dude- A Funny Degrassi Song
*Dodie Stevens- Pink Shoelaces From 1959... my friend introduced me to this song... and it stuck in my head... and it has stuck ever since. Coolest song ever!
Shirley Temple- Animal Crackers (In my Soup!)
Skid Row- I Remember You
*Eric Whitacre- Water Night Beautiful classical choral song... 15 part harmony... awesome.
Wynonna- Rock Bottom
Wynonna- Tell Me Why
Wynonna- When Love Starts Talking
Zit Remedy- Everybody Wants Something (Degrassi Jr.High)

aim me @ linkytoes if you want any of these songs... and if I like you, it's yours.