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So here are my published dolls... thus far.

Here's my first doll, Kelly.  I actually went through my daughter's closet and copied her outfits.
Ain't she cute?!

Download The Kelly Doll!


This is one of my new dolls.  She's an Irish Dancer.


Download Irish here.

Design-a-Wedding Dress


This is my beautiful bride doll, all finished, and ready to download!  Enjoy!
She turned out better than I thought!

click here to download file


Delian the Bar Wench... My own base! Yay!
Delian the Bar Maid
This is my first doll on my own adult base (Kelly was my base... but a child, obviously. lol)

click here to download file

This is my newest addition... It's Barbie... but the set also includes Christie and Teresa!!  All of the clothes I made are designed from Barbie's actual outfits... and most were ones I had when I was little.

click here to download file

Undress her as much as you want!! She doesn't put up a fight!!

Mommy Eyes says don't count your chickens until you've walked a mile in their shoes.